Thursday, February 4, 2010

நம்பிக்கை விளக்கு ஏற்றுவோம்

Exnora is seriously working on the cause of alienating GLOBAL WARMING through its volunteers in a serious manner. Infact it has planned a 99999 compaign to show case the importance of GLOBAL WARMING. Apart from saving the use of the conventional energy sources, ExNoRa is also concerned about the use of Renewable Energy Products partucularly Solar Energy Products.

Exnora has a great feeling of compassion towards the lakhs and lakhs of common men who live in slums/Nari Kuravas / pavement vendors, farmers, fisherman who do not even have a lamp in their house and use Kerosene lamps for their daily needs. Each such kerosene lamps consume about 4 liters of kerosene every month.

Therefore, ExNoRa has embarked on this novel, innovative scheme to give 100000 solar lamps to replace 100000 kerosene lamps in the State of Tamilnadu.

This will clearly save about 45lakhs liters of kerosene every year for next 15years apart from giving light at these homes for reading and use.


Each volunteer can identify 2 such needy people in their area and donate these solar lamps to them. They can send their payment to our address along with the names and address of the user of the product.

ExNoRa team can also approach nearby philanthropists / social service organisation like Lion's club / Rotary club etc to join hands with us in their noble cause.


We plan to complete this concept scheme by 31 st March 2010.


The needy people who don't have any light – we provide them with a light to study and use

We clearly dispense with 45 lakhs of liters of kerosene every year with this scheme for next 15 years

It is a clear programme to create large scale awareness of solar products in the public mind and thereby contributing to global warming and saving of CO2 emissions

First of its kind in the world, such a large level scheme is planned with public support to help the needy people
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